Ebay Security Alert

The UK’s IC (Information Commissioner) is currently working with European authorities to decide on whether to take action against eBay over its recent data breach. The online market store has just recently started to notify it’s customer of the breach and is now suggesting that all passwords need to be reset.

So far, three US states are investigating the potential theft of names as well as email addresses and other personal data, which could cause issues for over 120 million eBay customers.

The Californian-based company, which has 128 million active users, revealed that a database has been hacked between late February and early March. The attackers had accessed a database containing millions of encrypted passwords, gaining access to a small number of employee log-in credentials.

Additionaly, ebay has announced that other data that may have been compromised included:

  • email addresses
  • physical addresses
  • phone numbers
  • dates of birth

On a more positive note, data for its online banking service, ‘PayPal’, has always been stored separately and had not been compromised.

If you are a new or old ebay customer, don’t sit back, change your password. Ensure that it is a strong password. User a combination of lower and uppercase characters, as well as numbers and special characters. Do not use passwords that you use for other accounts, ensure that all passwords, across all of your accounts are different.

For any of our customers who require help or support with this issue, please contact us.