The promise of the Google Self Driving Car is truly amazing!

Fancy a film on your way to work? A bite to eat on your way home? Maybe you have a fantastic 4G signal on your iPad and you want to FaceTime someone on the other side of the planet. Well, why not do this whilst you are sitting in your new Google Self Driving Car.

The Google Self Drive Car Promise

Google Self Driving Car

Fleets of self-driving cars could soon park themselves – They would find the nearest spot for you. No hassle!

The Google Self Driving Cars will be electic. The cars will also be self charging! So whilst you spend your day at the office, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you car is charging whilst it’s resting in the parking space that it found itself.

So, the image at the top of the page; this is an artists impression of what the car will eventually look like. But why stop at cars? beyond the consumer market, self-driving lorries will also revolutionise freight transport.

Google Self Drive Problems

There are still numerous hurdles to cross. Mainly regulatory and ethical.

Let’s say you are driving through a heavily populated area. If your car was about to crash, where would you like it to crash? Away from people? Children? into another car? What should it avoid? Which direction should it turn to.

Numerous questions that the car will need to have answers to.

As with all of the latest technological advances, another burning question will relate to how this will change the lives of those that run our road transport industry.  Automatic cars? trucks? bikes? train? planes? Where does it stop? And what happens to those truckers that currently transport our goods up and down the country whilst we sleep a night?

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