How to get the new Twitter 2014 Profile Design


Very soon you will be able to have your Twitter profile looking very similar to how your Facebook profile looks.

The Twitter crowd have been getting very excited about the new design and the Facebook crowd have been saying that it’s a blatant copy!  Want to know what it will look like? Take a look at the image below from America’s First Lady.

New Twitter Profile Design 2014

You will be able to pin a select tweet to the top of your profile page as one of a number of changes to the new-look Twitter site.

Did you know that Twitter now has over 645 million users?

That’s right. 645 million users. The company have recently announced that the new design is being rolled out to a select few, approximately 1% of their customers to begin with.

Twitter New Layout 2014Want to know how to get the new twitter design? Well, you’ll just have to wait! At the time of writing, there is no opt-in process and no way to change it manually via your profile.

With the new web setup, customers will be able to pick out their favourite tweets based on the highest engagement — be it re-tweets or favourites.

As you can see from the image above (and left), the feature, which is already being enjoyed by select Twitter users such as the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama.  We wonder whether she updated the design herself?

The more blatant change to the web front-end will be a lovely big profile picture and background header (very similar to Facebook and Google+ don’t you think?!).

The new Twitter layout update for 2014For more information on the new Twitter 2014 Design and how to make the changes once Twitter roll-out the update, stay tuned!

We will also have news on how this will impact and change the ios twitter app and the android twitter app.

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