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Xpress Plastics

Project Summary

Mobile Optimised website with a clean, modern feel. The should be a ‘brochure’ design with an emphasis on the products and services offered.

Web Address


Contact Details

t. 01543 573141 e. sales@xpressplastics.co.uk


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Project Description

Web Design with mobile optimisation a must.

Our remit was to replace a legacy design that was not optimised for mobile devices and was looking dated compared with new technologies and designs.

The site was dropping down the listing on the first page of the major search engines and this was mainly due to the site not being optimised or having a sitemap submitted.

This project was to re-design, optimise and then ensure that the site had a solid foundation moving forward.



Xpress Plastics was founded in 1983 and with over 30 years experience we are able to offer a competent approach to all aspects of injection moulding, so whatever industry you are in, we can produce something that will exceed your expectations.
Our knowledge and capabilities with insert, over-moulding and thread forming, are helping our customers achieve engineered technical components to the highest standards.

We are happy to provide our extensive engineering expertise and knowledge when designing a product from a concept to completion, whether from your existing tooling or manufacturing the required new tooling.[/one_third_last]